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bihar-storiesCardiotocography (CTG) machine is an established tool for monitoring wellbeing of an unborn baby. It is as essential as the stethoscope for an obstetrician. But due to cost, lack of awareness and lack of technical this website priceofcialis skill to interpret the graphs, it is rarely used in Bihar outside Patna city. One CTG test in Patna costs Rs 800!! The NMBT Center, Patna has started CTG monitoring of patients in their final month of pregnancy and during labour process.

Relatives and patients were thoroughly intrigued on hearing the heart sounds and seeing the graph on the monitor of their unborn child! It has given something tangible to be experienced by a mother apart from baby’s kicks and has reinforced in their minds the need for ANC checkups! It has been a great aid for the center in determining the fetal wellbeing and the need for prompt referral of high risk cases.