Doctors For You (DFY) Celebrates International Day For Disaster Reduction (IDDR)

13th October 2017

International Day for Disaster Reduction, held every 13 October, celebrates how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters. The 2017 edition continues under the "Sendai Seven" campaign, centred on the seven targets of the Sendai Framework. This year's focus is Target B: Reducing the number of affected people by disasters by 2030.

Activities conducted during IDDR

  • Participating in day long workshop on "Safer Homes & Livelihood"and exhibition for startups/ innovators, to give them a platform to exhibit/ showcase their ideas/ innovations for disaster risk reduction. The workshop and exhibition was organized by Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) in collaboration with UNICEF.
  • Disaster Preparedness Trainings and Mock Drills organized in 12 locations of DFY Skilled Development Training Centers under project GARIMA.

Detail of Activities

Participation in Exhibition organized by ASDMA and UNICEF:

During the exhibition Doctors For You, Assam in association with DURRAH FEB STEEL has demonstrated a model on ‘Floating Toilets’ to be used during floods. The model has received wide recognition from ASDMA and DFY secured 2nd prize in ‘Innovation Challenge for Disaster Reduction” during the exhibition.

Disaster Preparedness Trainings and Mock Drills:

Under project GARIMA, DFY field teams has conducted disaster preparedness trainings and mock-drills in 12 skilled development training locations. The locations include Patna center - Bihar, Bandipora center -JnK, Natwar Parik hospital - Mumbai,  Budh vihar center - Delhi, Gazibath center - UP, Rewa center - MP, Madurai center- TN, Alwar center Rajathan,  Anakaputhur center and Pattabiram center – Tamli Nadu. More than 350 people have participated in trainings and mock-drill. The training includes basic search and rescue techniques and first aid. After the completion of the trainings an earthquake evacuation mock drill was conducted.

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